Thought is a wonderfully ephemeral thing. One moment everything appears so clear, so concise, everything laid out before us in a complex web of reasoning that only we can understand. Such exhilarating ‘eureka!’ moments often pass almost as suddenly as they come though. Dissipating into nothingness as we flounder in new found ignorance or unravelling before us, our minds unpicking the very reasoning that only moments ago seemed so solid, so sure.

It is this very fleeting nature that prompted me to write this blog. For when committed to the written word our ideas often take on a different meaning altogether. When freed from the chaos of our minds we are forced to articulate our beliefs in ways that often lead us to realise that such ideals have much to live up to. In this way, thrown like seeds to the wind we allow our fledgling beliefs to wither or flourish in the harsh climate of self-expression as well as the often contradictory views of others.

Self-discovery is perhaps the main aim I wish to realise with this blog and it’s a journey I would be glad to take with others willing to question the world around them. Many in contemporary society will hold for granted or find anathema to their very values and being the questions I intend to raise: democracy, liberty, human rights, love, money and more besides. Regardless, I wish to shake up the insidious, hegemonic system of values that posits itself as an ‘end of history’ theory within (particularly) Western society. By examining the great ideological beast that squats so imperiously upon the intellectual, moral and political high ground of our lives I hope to highlight that independent thought from the status quo is not only possible but desirable. Hey, who knows, perhaps one day my own Socratically minded beast will squat in the current ones stead…

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  1. Honestly this is one of the most intellectually fulfilling blogs that I follow, I’m certainly fortunate that you continue this work. Kudos and kindest regards,

  2. Just a point of technical advice here, in case you don’t know: To increase the number of possible nested replies in comments, go to Dashboard > Settings > Discussion > Other Comment Settings, and set “enable threaded (nested) comments X levels deep” to a higher number.

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